Heart Breads

Owners - Simon Ivanac

Address - 64 Midgen Flat Rd, Broken Head, NSW, 2481

Phone - 02 6685 9959
Mobile - 0423 590 270, 0402 130 784

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Bread (Crumbs)
Bread (Foccacia)
Bread (Fruit Buns)
Bread (Sour Dough - Corn)
Bread (Sour Dough - Fruit & Nut)
Bread (Sour Dough - Honey and Whey)
Bread (Sour Dough - Khorasan)
Bread (Sour Dough - Mixed Grain)
Bread (Sour Dough - Mushroom)
Bread (Sour Dough - Olive)
Bread (Sour Dough - Plain)
Bread (Sour Dough - Rye & Polenta)
Bread (Sour Dough - Seeded Spelt)
Bread Rolls (Filled)
Bread Rolls (Sweet)
Crackers (Lavosh)
Kefir (Water Fruit)
Regen Bar (Heart Bar)

We hand make organic sourdoughs – they way breads used to be ! We source and use the best closest and freshest ingredients for our woodfired breads, brioche, buns and numerous healthy treats.