Rancho Relaxo

Owners - Jose & Jane Boniface Falagan

Address - 260 Duncan Rd, Numulgi, NSW, 2480
Phone - 02 6628 2404
Mobile - 0432 920 634

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Custard Apples (Brazilian)
Lime (Tahitian)
Mandarin (Imperial)
Mandarin (Murcott)
Blood Orange Juice (Take away containers)
Cake (Mandarin Almond Cake)
Cordial Organic (Elderflower)
Cordial Organic (Lemon & Blood Orange)
Cordial Organic (Lime)
Cordial Organic (Mandarin)
Custard Apple Smoothie
Green Paw Paw Salad
Kombucha (Elderflower)
Lemon (Preserved)
Lime (Preserved)
Marmalade (Citrus)
Mixed Peel (Dried)
Orange Juice (Takeaway Container)

We are a fruit salad farm, specialising in citrus and citrus products we have aprox 3,000 citrus and 800 new macca trees and 200 custard apple trees We have been selling our produce at Byron Farmers Market since 2003 and are increasing our variety of citrus and value added products.

We will soon have paw paws and pumpkin.

We have been pesticide free for several years and have just received our organic certification. We take great pride in producing good tasting high quality fruit. Our now very popular RANCHO Lime Cordial has won 2 Gold Medals 2 Silver and 4 bronze at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show and the Hobart Fine Food Exhibition. We have won a medal for our cordials each year we have shown them.

This year we will be expanding our flavours using our other citrus.
to date our Lime Cordial has won 8 medals including 3 GOLD 2 SILVER AND 3 BRONZE . THIS YEAR WINNING RESERVE CHAMPIION 98/100 POINTS AT THE HOBART ROYAL FINE FOOD SHOW. MANDARIN ALSO WINNING GOLD 97/100. We are suppliers of certified organic citrus, including limes, lemons, oranges and mandarin. Also fresh squeezed mandarin and orange juice in the winter.... Using only premium organic fruit in our juices and cordials

Freshly squeezed madarin and blood orange juice (in season) now available.

Supplier List:

Green Garage - Byron Bay
The Cellars - Byron & Bangalow
Charlotts Market - Bangalow
Brunswick Supermarket - Brunswick Heads
Santos and Edens Fruit Shop - Mullumbimby
Farmers Markets
Foodworks - Lismore